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Now That’s Significant Podcast | EP 79
Sept 18th, 2023

Thanks for tuning into this latest episode of Now that’s Significant, a Market Research Podcast. Host John Bird, EVP Client Development at Infotools is joined by Ed Keller, Executive Director of MRII, The Market Research Institute International. Ed is also the CEO of The Keller Advisory Group. He is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in word of mouth, influencer marketing, and consumer insights.

Ed is an inductee into the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame as well as the Market Research Hall of Fame, was an ESOMAR Insight250 awardee in 2022 and a judge in 2023. Ed was a Social Intelligence 50 honoree in 2023. He is also an author of the book, The Influentials, which has been called the "seminal moment in the development of word of mouth."

Ed joined us on the show to discuss the importance of an always-learning mindset that market researchers need to possess, which can help them be even more successful in their roles.

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