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Feb 8, 2023

"Are you experienced?" asked rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Today the question for marketers is, are brand experiences part of your marketing mix? If not, they should be! According to new research, consumers are far more excited by brand experiences on a range of important dimensions than traditional advertising.

For decades I have been studying word of mouth, which is undeniably the most powerful form of marketing. Nielsen’s Global Trust In Advertising Study finds that nearly everyone around the world (88%) trust recommendations from people they know more than any other channel (Nielsen’s 2021 Trust in Advertising Study). A multitude of other sources find very similar results.

But a lingering question is always, how do I drive word of mouth? Often, the answer was through talk worthy advertising. Ads that broke through would get people talking, thereby amplifying the message and adding credibility. After all, recommendations from family and friends are highly trusted, but ads less so. Back them with brand experiences, however, and the results could be magical.

The data showing the ability of brand experiences, such as social media content, creator and influencer content, virtual & metaverse engagements and special events and in-person events to drive engagement and brand favorability is overwhelming! And marketer interest in driving engagement through brand experiences is growing significantly in the face of the declining reach of traditional advertising.

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Don’t Just Tell Consumers About Your Brand -- Have Them Experience It: Resources and Tips
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